Shameless Self-Promotion: The Edublog Award

Shameless Self-Promotion

Thanks to Chris Lehman, who along with Kate Roberts wrote Falling in Love with Close Reading, To Make a Prairie is a finalist for the this year’s Edublog Award in the best blog by an individual category. Voting takes place between now and December 18, and all you need to do to vote is to go to the Edublog page for Individual Blogs, scroll down till you find To Make a Prairie and then click on the Vote Up icon. (FYI: You will be asked to join Listly to vote, but that doesn’t seem like a big deal.)

As I posted on Facebook yesterday, soliciting votes has made me feel like I’m running for middle school student council, trying to drum up votes for what seems to be a popularity contest. But I do think the readers of this blog represent an incredibly vital group of educators whose voices don’t always manage to get heard in a world that too often values data collection over best practice instruction and formative assessments over listening to students and responding to their needs. So I like to think that a vote for this blog is a vote for all those teachers out there who are constantly thinking and reflecting as part of their deeply held belief that to be a teacher is, above all else, to be a life-long learner.

Edublog Awards 2013Know, though, that you’re completely forgiven if, once at the website, you decide to vote for Diane Ravitch or Chris Lehman instead, both of whom are also up for their individual blogs. And while you’re at the Edublog Award site, take a few minutes to look at the other categories where you’ll find, for instance, The Nerdy Book Club up for the Best Group Blog and Kate Roberts’s lovely post “A Day in the Life of a Close Reader,” in the Most In Influential Post of the Year category, which also includes other powerful posts about the state of the teaching profession that offer much food for thought.

Of course, as a friend on Facebook asked, I can’t promise to put a soda vending machine in the cafeteria or arrange for more school dances, but I can promise to keep on thinking and reflecting and sharing those thoughts here, beginning with some final thoughts on this year’s NCTE convention, which will be up later this week. Till then . . . .